From plugging the holes to maturing your team: a two-part series

There’s something so satisfying about seeing all the pieces of a puzzle come together. For me, that puzzle has been building our DesignOps team. It’s been a little over a year since our first hire, and the vision is happening. It’s really happening! Squee!

In my last post I shared how I built my team, from headcount to getting started with foundational design team needs; today I’ll share how we’ve been working toward simultaneously maturing DesignOps as an organization, and the teams we support.

Note that this is still…

From hiring to maturing your team: a two-part series

Two years ago, there was no Design Operations team at this organization. There were extremely capable leaders and teams within design, each managing on their own, in their own way, but no systematic approach to the ecosystem of design. People were struggling to develop consistent processes, find their voices with stakeholders, and build culture. There was confusion, frustration, and the all-too-common feeling of design and designers being an afterthought in the product development lifecycle.

Today, DesignOps is a team of eight (and growing), and our mantra to “go forth and do”…

A conversation with David Kasch, PhD about empathy, acknowledgement, and pie

A little context to get this conversation off the ground: David is a leadership development coach, who helps people at all stages in their career practice the fine art of compassionate, inclusive, and even vulnerable leadership. He’s a certified Brené Brown Dare to Lead™facilitator who focuses on the tough relational skills we all need to be successful as leaders.

Sarah: David, thank you for sitting down with me to chat about things that lead to empowerment for teams and individuals.

David: My pleasure, plus I live here.

Sarah: True, for those that hadn’t put it together: we’re married, we live…

It’s what you cultivate that matters most.

Photo by Maryna Bohucharska on Unsplash

All the truly great Design Operations folks I know (and I know quite a few) are passionate catalysts. They care deeply, are natural leaders and helpers, and they’re compelled to make their teams the best they can be. It’s lovely, really.

They also tend to be the type who feel not only an intense need for the end product to shine, but a personal responsibility to make it so.

And this is where DesignOps can get a bit… messy.

Misplaced Accountability

You helped gather the requirements, you built the relationships to get buy-in, you raised…

Sarah Kasch

Creative Operations leader, growing a team of very fine individuals.

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